Volunteering for LOWA is an experience like no other at the lake. Volunteers are the backbone of LOWA and often enjoy front row seats to some of the lake’s best and most popular events including the Lake of the Ozarks Shoot-out, the Annual Off Shore Series, and LOWA’s annual Osage Howler paddle event.

A LOWA volunteer demonstrates a commitment to caring for a protecting our watershed.  Volunteers enable LOWA to fund raise through participation in area events.  Your work results in a monetary donation to LOWA based on the hours donated by our volunteers.  By participating for LOWA in events such as Lake Race, Shootout, and the music venue at the Camdenton Amphitheater, your work will result in a donation from those event sponsors.  We value all our volunteers, whether you serve food at the Amphitheater, clean up at the Shootout, or captain a Safety Boat for a race – Thank You.  We can’t do it without you.


A great place to begin your search for LOWA volunteer opportunities is to check out our upcoming events.