LIL is the acronym used by LOWA.  It stands for “Low Impact Landscaping”. Get up to $1,000.00 in grant for your yard, to reduce storm water from entering the lake! The purpose of these LILs is to minimize the damaging effect of water run-off into the Lake of the Ozarks by incorporating various techniques of landscaping.  Storm water runoff is widely considered to be a major contributor to lake pollution. LOWA LILs will team up with the Master Naturalist and the Master Gardeners to help homeowners develop beautiful, low maintenance landscaping or rain gardens. All the Low Impact measures are aimed at reducing the contaminating effects of storm water and other runoff.  LOWA encourages property owners to use  LILs through a cost-share incentive program. To see if you are in the approved watershed area to possibly receive grant support for your LIL project, please see the Watershed Management map.  You may email adminasst@Lowatershed.org or call (573) 836-5080 to inquire about grant eligibility.  Whether or not you are eligible for grant support, you are eligible to receive the benefit of a yard visit from one of our Trained Volunteer Evaluators (TVEs) to assess your project and recommend solutions to reduce run off and protect your shoreline. With the help of a LOWA LIL, property owners can reduce the amount of runoff containing sediment and other contaminants from reaching the lake.  In this way, together, we help to Keep Our Healthy Lake Healthy.   This cooperative project has been funded in part through the Section 319 of the Clean Water Act    

Take a look at all of the locations at which LOWA has made a difference! CLICK HERE to explore this map.

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