LOWA Mission
The Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance (LOWA) will preserve, protect,
and improve the Lake of the Ozarks watershed, its waters and natural
resources while maintaining our economic, social and environmental health.
LOWA Mission
Water Quality
Maintaining the health of Lake of the Ozarks requires us to recognize and
address not only the current, but also the future challenges facing the Lake.
Water Quality
LOWA coordinates efforts between local governmental entities, such as
municipalities and homeowner’s associations, and county and state
government to bring sewer systems to the Lake.
Lake Safety
Safety is the first priority. LOWA developed the Designate a Captain Program
to encourage the boat captains to stay sober while piloting their vessels.
Lake Safety
LOWA conducts numerous programs teaching property owners and schoolchildren
how vital they are in protecting this amazing area for generations to come.
Low Impact Landscaping (LIL) minimizes the deleterious effect of water run-off into
the Lake of the Ozarks by incorporating various techniques of landscaping.
Keep the Lake of the Ozarks clean by recycling materials
such as glass, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans.

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We offer two popular cost share programs.

Septic Tank Pump-out

Apply for a discounted septic tank pump-out.

Low-Impact Landscaping

Apply for up to $2,000 toward your project.

Take a Part Inside the Movement​

May 11, 2019 – Sep 14, 2019
Kayak Meetups

Free – just show up at the Kayak steps at the lower Spring Trail, Ha Ha Tonka State Park every second Saturday of the month from  8:30am to noon.

Jun 15, 2019 – Jun 16, 2019
Osage Howler 2019

Paddle under the Full Moon with us on the third annual Osage Howler – Saturday, June 15, 2019

All paddlers welcome – choose 30 Mile Race or 14 Mile Fun Run.

Click here to register.

2019 Osage Howler Rules 

  1. In the event a pre-paid racer is unable to race, a rain check for the next year’s event will be given. In the event the race is not held in the following year a refund will not be made.
  2. No racer will be allowed to register for the race until registration fee is paid in full.
  3. All paddlers must attend the mandatory safety meeting for their respective races.
  4. All paddlers must wear a CG approved PFD while on the water, carry a cell phone in a waterproof container, must have a whistle attached to their vest or somewhere within immediate reach to warn an oncoming vessel of your presence.
  5. Race number bibs will be provided.  All racers will pin on a bib such that it can be seen from the checkpoints throughout the race.  In the case of tandem racers, the forward paddler will present the race bib.
  6.  No fixed oars, sails, or motors are allowed. Single and double blade paddles only.
  7. All paddlers will properly stow loose items during the race. No trash of any kind will be intentionally thrown overboard. Teams or individuals who litter will be disqualified.
  8. Racers must maintain self-sufficiency. Racers must carry their own materials for fixing leaks or problems with their vessel or be able to acquire such at a checkpoint from their support crew. There is no penalty for accepting help from an official safety boat and also from other paddlers in case of an emergency such as a flip, running out of fluids or medical emergency.
  9. Support crews are permitted.
  10. Racers may stop for the use of public restrooms.
  11. Alcohol will not be consumed by racers or their support vehicle operators during the race.
  12. It is the responsibility of each race craft to pass and receive acknowledgement at the checkpoint. Racers do not have to exit their craft, but must be close enough to the Race Official at the Check Point to be acknowledgedverbally using either name or boat number (the checkpoint volunteer will repeat your boat number or name to you after you tell them your number or name for acknowledgement)
  13. If a 30 mile racer has not passed the St. Thomas checkpoint within 3.5 hours of the start (11:30PM), they will be advised to pull out there and will receive assistance if needed back to their vehicle
  14. If you decide to quit the race at any point, contact a race official (names and numbers will be provided at registration). Race Officials will contact Missouri Highway Patrol to search for missing racers so let us know if you decide to discontinue your progress.
  15. All racers agree to sign the USCA Waiver and Release of Liability prior to the start of the race. All aquatic activity has inherent risks; your participation indicates you accepted those inherent risks.
  16. Participants are prohibited from dumping human waste into the lake. If you are unable to make it to the next available facility, stow your spent fluids in a water tight container and take it to the next Check Point where it can be deposited.
  17. All participants agree to appear in event related media coverage without compensation.
  18. The minimum age of all racers is 14 years old at the start time of the race, unless otherwise approved before the beginning of the race.
  19. NAVIGATION LIGHTS: Missouri Law stipulates:
    RSMo 306.100.3  “Any watercraft not defined as a vessel shall, from sunset to sunrise, carry, ready at hand, a lantern or flashlight showing a white light which shall be exhibited in sufficient time to avert collision.” RSMo 306.100.2(5) “Every white light prescribed by this section shall be of such character as to be visible at a distance of at least two mile.  ….”
  20. All applicable local, state, and federal laws apply to racers, and their support crews. It is the racers responsibility to know these laws and guidelines. The Osage Howler officials will not be held responsible in any way for racers or their support crews lack of knowledge on applicable laws and guidelines in any case resulting in fines, injury, or detainment due to not following said laws and guidelines.
  21. All racers must acknowledge they have received, read, and understand all rules prior to the start of the race.
Sep 21, 2019
Third Annual Niangua Darter

Location: Whistle Bridge to Ha Ha Tonka

Reservations due no later than September 7

$30 includes t-shirt, shuttle, insurance

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