Currently, LOWA has several long-term projects, one of which is the Clean Water Initiative. This program coordinates efforts between local governmental entities, such as municipalities and homeowner’s associations, and county and state government to bring sewer systems to Horseshoe Bend, Sunrise Beach and Rocky Mount. LOWA also works directly with the sewer districts, water companies, and engineering firms to try to help facilitate funding for these projects and help the projects proceed in a watershed-friendly manner.   Other long-term programs LOWA has established include the “Pump, Don’t Dump” program that helps boaters and RV users to properly dispose of their waste at 26 approved locations around the Lake.

Another very popular program is the Septic Tank Maintenance Program that partners with local septic tank servicers and homeowners to get their septic tanks properly maintained by pumping them out at a discounted rate.

Check this map and see if your address falls in these areas approved for  funding to help with septic pump outs. Contact us at to apply for $50 coupon.

This cooperative project has been funded in part through the Section 319 of the Clean Water Act

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