LOWA’s water quality element involves various testing activities and studies that take place at Lake of the Ozarks.  With financial assistance in the form of a grant from the EPA and DNR, LOWA recently completed (on-time and on-budget) a four-year, million-dollar study of storm water runoff.  This was a state-of-the-art study monitoring water quality using testing for various factors, such as phosphorous, nitrogen, e-coli, clarity and many others, in multiple locations in numerous coves around the Lake.   This study is the most comprehensive study of water quality at Lake of the Ozarks to date, and is why I can say with confidence that we currently have a healthy Lake. LOWA has also partnered with the Missouri Stream Program as Stream Team #3215 to protect the rivers and streams of Missouri and to be part of the solution to reduce nonpoint source pollution.  Of course, maintaining the health of Lake of the Ozarks requires us to recognize and address not only the current, but also the future challenges facing the Lake. Have a question about Water Quality at the lake? CLICK HERE!

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